Welcome to the homepage of Born in Surf, a documentary about the surf culture of the Ogasawara Islands, Japan.  This website provides information about Ogasawara, the interviewees and their stories, the directors, the musicians, surfing in Ogasawara, as well as a link to the online store where you may purchase the DVD. Enjoy!

Born in Surfのホームページへようこそ。Born in Surfは小笠原諸島のサーフィン文化を捉えたドキュメンタリー映画です。このサイトからオンラインショップでBorn in SurfのDVDが購入できます。さらにここでは小笠原諸島やこの映画に登場する出演者、監督、ミュージシャン、そして小笠原のサーフィン文化についての情報が見れます。是非購入して見てください!

Born in Surf Trailer / Born in Surf トレーラー

JET Programme Video Contest

Japan’s Local communities as experienced by JET programme participants

We entered a 3.5 minute contest video that shares our experience in Ogasawara, the process of making the movie, and the original trailer.

Click on the link below to watch the video. Help us out by voting for our video and sharing with friends, thank you! (voting period ends August 31st)


The Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program is the government programme that brought me to Japan to teach English. JET is hosting a summer video contest in which participants in the program enter short videos about their experience with local communities in Japan.

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